Privacy Policy


  1. ATAKA Company Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), being fully aware that private information is extremely important for the privacy of our customers, shall ensure that our Directors, Executives and all employees comply with all applicable laws, regulations and in-house regulations in respect of private information and make every endeavour to protect that information.
  2. The Company in order to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in respect of private information protection shall implement all necessary in-house regulations and systems.
  3. The Company shall only use private information received for the purposes designated by our customers. Further the Company shall not without the consent in writing of the customer or without justifiable cause disclose or cause to be disclosed to any third party private information provided by a customer.
  4. The Company shall, appropriately and with the standard of care expected of a prudent manager, control, manage and keep safe the private information of our customers and shall implement safety measures in order to prevent loss, destruction, alteration or inappropriate dissemination of the private information.
     Published ・ Enforced  April, 2009
ATAKA Company Ltd.



  1. Provided Private Information and Its Use
Where a customer is to provide the Company with private information, the purposes for which that information is to be used shall be designated in advance and the Company shall not use that information for any other purpose.
Where the Company deems it is necessary to use a customer's private information for a purpose other than the purpose designated at the time the private information was initially provided, the Company shall prior to any such use notify the customer of the desired use purpose and where the customer does not consent to use for that purpose, the customer based upon its own determination may refuse use.
  2. Disclosure or Provision of Private Information to a Third Party
Private information provided by a customer shall as a general rule not be disclosed or provided to a third party with the exception of where a circumstance set forth in this paragraph applies.
(1) Where there is the consent of the customer.
(2) Where it is necessary to prevent loss of human life, injury or damage to property and it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent.
(3) Where private information is disclosed to a commissioned party within the use purposes designated by the customer.
(4) Where disclosure of private information is legally required by judicial order or application of law, regulations or ordinances.
(5) Where there is an assignment of operations for reasons including but not limited to mergers, company split-offs or assignment of business.
  3. The Company's Website "ATAKA Company Ltd"(
(1) <Use of Cookies>
Cookies are small packets of information sent from the web server to the customer's computer to provide efficient internet management. The Company uses cookies in some cases to customize our website to respond to individual customer's needs and to provide greater customer satisfaction in terms of the content and services provided on the website.
Dependent on the settings of a customer's browser, cookies may be refused or a warning that a cookie has been received displayed. In cases such as these the use of the Company's website may be limited through non-availability of personalized functions. 
(2) <Use of Web Beacons>
Web Beacons ("Clear GIF") are a technology that through use of cookies are able to identify the conditions under which our website is accessed from customers' computers and enable statistical analysis of the use ratio of particular pages within our website. The Company uses Web Beacons for the purpose of statistical information collection in order to improve our website.
While the Company does not use Web Beacons for the purpose of collecting customers' private information, customers by limiting acceptance of cookies through their network browser settings may refuse Web Beacons.
(3) The Company does not accept any responsibility for guaranteeing the security of customers' private information in respect of websites that are accessed through links posted on the Company's website.
  4. Additional Item
(1) There is no requirement that a customer disclose to the Company private information where based upon the customer's own determination it is decided not to do so. However there are cases where the Company is unable to provide certain services for which the disclosure of private information is indispensable.
(2) The Company may amend this policy or its in-house regulations for the purpose of providing greater protection of private information or in accordance with changes to applicable laws and regulations.